Dale Earnhardt Mystery Box (AUTOGRAPHED Item Guaranteed!)

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Autographed Item Guaranteed!

Dale Earnhardt Mystery Box is guaranteed to feature the following:

DALE EARNHARDT SR Autographed Item

Dale Earnhardt Sr Diecast

Several other Memorabilia Items from past and present NASCAR. (Some may be autographed and/or rare!)

An amazing gift for any Dale Earnhardt and/or NASCAR fan!

See below for FAQ’s about NASCAR Mystery Boxes!

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Q: How much value is typically in this specific NASCAR Mystery Box?
A: The value of a DALE EARNHARDT Mystery Box ranges from $225-750.

Q: What size diecast? And What are the Memorabilia Items?
A: The diecast is chosen from a pool that are equally 1:64 and 1:24. Memorabilia items can include: Diecast, Sheetmetal, Trading Cards, Hero Cards, Stickers, Hats, Shirts, Pins, Posters, Framed Photos, and much more! The Memorabilia Lot that our Mystery Box items are randomly chosen from is absolutely massive, and includes some items that are worth more than the Mystery Box itself!

Q: Are Mystery Boxes always available?
A: No! When we do offer NASCAR Mystery Boxes (especially Driver Editions) they are very limited in quantity, and tend to sell extremely fast. They are only offered for sale when we have enough awesome and valuable items available in our inventory to create an amazing Mystery Box; so don’t wait if you see one available!

Q: When I obtain an autographed item in my Dale Earnhardt Mystery Box, will it come with a COA?
A: Sometimes, but not always. Just like our online store, some items will include a COA while others don’t. However – also identical to our online store, we can guarantee the authenticity of any autograph in our Mystery Box, and will refund any item that does not pass JSA Certification.

Q: Can I return my Dale Earnhardt Mystery Box?
A: Our Mystery Box is NOT returnable once it has been opened.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

8 reviews for Dale Earnhardt Mystery Box (AUTOGRAPHED Item Guaranteed!)

  1. Steven Tarr

    Probably the best and most affordable way to get an authentic Dale Earnhardt autographed item. I got my autographed card from this box authenticated and it passed. All the extra NASCAR stuff in the box was a great bonus. Will be buying more

  2. Donald Gelent

    really good items in this box, tons of awesome stuff. really fair price for what you get

  3. Cynthia Allen

    Waited to leave this review until I gave it to my husband for Christmas since I had no idea what I was looking at lol. HE LOVED IT! He freaked out more and more with each item in the box and I thought he was going to pass out when he got to the autographed Dale Sr diecast. He’s a diehard Dale Earnhardt fan that already owns a few autographed items from him, and he told me that this autograph was definitely real…so that was a huge relief lol. Overall this was a great purchase, especially for the price, and is a great gift for any Dale Sr fan.

  4. Travis Savannah

    Took a chance on this mystery box and im glad i did! Got a signed Dale Sr diecast along with 5 other diecasts, plus a shirt, hero cards, trading cards, a lanyard, beer koozie, framed photo and a few other things. Good variety of drivers outside of Dale included in the box too. Really excited!

  5. Mike Dobrotah

    My first nascar mystery box and now i’m hooked. Going through everything in the box was so much fun. Loved it

  6. Chad Silver

    Nowadays most Dale Sr “signed” memorabilia is either very overpriced, or fake. This box was a great way to get my hands on an authentic Earnhardt autograph for a fair price, along with some other great NASCAR merchandise. My autographed card did not come with a COA, so I paid to have it authenticated and it passed with flying colors. Will be purchasing more as I see others have gotten signed Dale diecast cars and I want one, haha.

  7. Collin McDonnallson

    tons of stuff for the price, and the dale autograph looks perfect

  8. Martha Tethone

    Cant believe how cheap this is for how much was in the box!!!!

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