Nascar Trading Cards Pack 50 Card Box (Autograph Relic Optic Prizm Guaranteed!)


The Vortex Box Pack is a NASCAR Trading Cards 50 Pack that guarantees multiple autographed NASCAR Cards!

Box Includes:

One Modern (2015-2021) Autographed or Relic Card.
One Classic (1980-2010) Autographed Card.
At least one Modern (2015-2021) Prizm, Holo, or Optic Card.
47 past and present NASCAR cards (Can include Superstars, Holos, and Rare Cards!).
3 BONUS ITEMS! Bonus item is randomly chosen from a giant lot that includes: Autographed cards, sheetmetal cards, holo / optic cards, stickers, pins, photos, hero cards, additional cards from 1980s-2000s, modern cards, and more awesome NASCAR Memorabilia items!

NASCAR Cards are in excellent to mint condition.
Check out the photos to see just a small portion of some of the cards from our incredible collection!
Ships in a box to ensure no damage is done to the card pack.

See below for FAQ’s about Vortex NASCAR Card Packs!

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Q: What card brands are included in your packs?
A: In these packs you can expect to find Donruss, Panini, Upper Deck, Pro Set, Maxx, Inserts, and more!

Q: How do you decide what goes into each NASCAR Trading Cards Pack?
A: Every card is selected completely at random from our inventory using a computerized system, based on the guarantees required for the Card Pack.
Some of the items in this inventory pool are worth more than the entire Card Pack!

The same process is repeated in a different lot that includes a wide range of our products for your Bonus Item.

Q: Can I return my Card Pack?
A: Due to the nature of this item, it is NOT returnable.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in