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Q: What is the typical value in this specific NASCAR Mystery Box?
A: The value of a Tony Stewart Mystery Box ranges from $125-350.

Q: What size is the diecast? And What are the Memorabilia Items?
A: The diecast is chosen from a pool that are equally 1:64 and 1:24. Memorabilia items can include: Diecast, Sheetmetal, Trading Cards, Hero Cards, Stickers, Hats, Shirts, Pins, Posters, Framed Photos, and much more! Some single items featured in the box can be worth more than the Mystery Box itself!

Q: Are Tony Stewart Mystery Box esalways available?
A: No! When we do offer NASCAR Mystery Boxes, they are very limited in quantity, and tend to sell out extremely fast. They are only offered for sale when we have enough unique and valuable items available in our inventory to create an amazing Mystery Box; so don’t wait if you see one available!

Q: When I obtain my Tony Stewart autographed item in my Mystery Box, will it come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?
A: Sometimes, but not always. Just like our online store, some items will include a COA while others don’t. However – also identical to our online store – we can guarantee the authenticity of any autograph in our Mystery Box, and will refund any item that does not pass JSA Certification.

Q: Can I return my Tony Stewart Mystery Box?
A: Our Mystery Box is NOT returnable once it has been opened.

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